ComedySportz Boston: Northeast Tournament

Northeast TournamentThis weekend, ComedySportz Boston welcomes teams from the ComedySportz locations in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City to take part in the first ever ComedySportz Boston Northeast Tournament! Teams will compete against each other for the audience’s laughter in 7 match-ups spread over 4 shows.

There will be a 7:00 and 9:00 show on both Friday and Saturday with different combinations of the teams facing off in the first three shows and a mixer show Saturday at 9:00 featuring performers from all the cities together.

I’ll be competing in the second half of Friday’s 7:00 show which pits Boston vs. Washington DC (the first half is New York City vs. Philadelphia). Afterwards, I’ll be sticking around for the 9:00 show and then checking out both of the shows on Saturday to see how these out-of-towners play and what kind of games they have.

As if seeing some competitive improv wasn’t enough, along with the chance to see performers from other cities coming to Boston, this tournament is special for one more important reason. ComedySportz Boston will be donating $4 from each ticket to the Sean Collier Memorial Scholarship Fund, honoring the police officer who lost his life during the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects a year ago.

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In the boardroom at Dunkin’ Donuts

Peep DonutsWe go to a board meeting for Dunkin’ Donuts. The company’s CEO, Nigel Travis, sits at the head of the table, soliciting advice from his top advisers. All his yes-men are nodding their heads in approval of everything. Nigel sets plans for the future in motion, “Alright guys, the heart-shaped donuts for Valentine’s Day were a hit again. Those four-leaf clover sprinkles for St. Patrick’s Day were brilliant. What’s next?”

One adviser get’s the ball rolling, “We’ve never tackled Easter before, people eat donuts on Easter right?”

Nigel confidently responds, “People eat donuts when we tell them to eat donuts!”

Another adviser suggests, “Well then how about a dyed egg donut, it can be filled with egg salad.”

“I like it, we can make the distinction between dessert donuts and breakfast donuts, sell twice as many donuts,” says Nigel.

“A true desert donut would be the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Donut,” another adviser says, chiming in.

“Great idea, people love those once-a-year-shaped Reese’s cups that are in the stores year-round,” responds Nigel.

“I say f*ck it, let’s make a Peep donut! Fill a donut with sponges and tell people they love it,” Janet, the head of marketing suggests.

Fred, the head engineer supports Janet by telling her, “Actually, I’ve done some research on this already. Peep material is actually cheaper than sponges. They’re made with the leftover scraps of the fake marshmallows used in Lucky Charms…that fell on the floor.”

Excitedly, Nigel says, “This is a great idea, how do we market it?”

Janet, putting on her marketing cap says, “PEEP-le run on Dunkins.”

Ending the discussion, “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard, print it up! It’s time to make the donuts!” says Nigel.

Based on a real thing.

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Writing Campus Cancún

I recently wrote and performed in a sketch for Dictator’s Time Machine called, Campus Cancún. The idea came up during a brainstorming session about the springtime, since the show was on March 8th, about how people treat the first warm day of the year like it’s the middle of the summer. Shorts, flip-flops, sunbathing, and scantily-cladness.

The first draft of the script was pretty well received by the group during the first read through. There were two main takeaways. One was to pile on more referencesDTM wins Battle Royale to warm weather, like having sun tan lotion and cold drinks to build up how extremely people were treating the weather. The other was to give a more defined relationship to the characters.

In the second draft of the script, Erin became the RA of the dorm where there other girls were staying. This made more sense as she was acting like the mentor to the others. After reading through this version, we determined that Brittany should have more lines and would be better served with a defined character trait. So, in the third draft, she became the dumb one. She was the lackey of the group and happy to have that role. She would shovel snow, buy supplies, etc. Which was perfect, because I would be playing her.

Here’s the sketch from that night:

If I had any regrets, it would be that it wasn’t rehearsed enough. I feel like everyone could have benefited from running through it a few more times, but otherwise I’m happy with how it came out.

Additional context: The rest of the show, sans one sketch, was completely new material (like Campus Cancún) and was performed at ImprovBoston‘s Battle Royale. (Which we won that night. That’s us holding the title belt, featured above.)

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Here I come Buffalo!

Improvathon 2014
This weekend, I’m flying to Buffalo, NY! I’m part of the ComedySportz Boston delegation to ComedySportz Buffalo‘s 6th Annual Improvathon. Coming with me is Andrew Barlow, Matt Bistany, and Francesca Villa. We will perform/compete in several shows over the course of 49.5 strait hours of improv shows.

In our free time, we’ll be visiting Niagara Falls and The Anchor Bar (where Buffalo wings were invented). I’ve been to Niagara Falls before, so please forgive me for being this excited to eat chicken wings that I could virtually get anywhere I want.

My show schedule looks something like this:
Friday, March 21st @ 8:00pm
Friday, March 21st @ 10:00pm
Saturday, March 22nd @ 10:00pm
Sunday, March 23rd @ Midnight
Sunday, March 23rd @ 2:00am
Sunday, March 23rd @ 4:00am
Sunday, March 23rd @ 6:00pm

The Friday night at 10:00pm show is the only one with all four Boston people on the same team for the same show and we take on a team of all people from Richmond, Virginia. For the rest of the shows, we’re matched up with people from Buffalo, Richmond, and New York City.

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How will I deal with a complete lack of sleep while performing in a whole bunch of show?Twitter #improvathon