My Del Close Marathon 2015 Preview

Hey everyone. I’ve been a bad blogger lately but life has been pretty hectic. Though I’ve carved some time out to self indulge a bit… The Del Close Marathon (DCM) is a round-the-clock improv festival starting Friday, June 26th at 4:00pm that runs straight through until Saturday, June 28th at 9:30pm. A couple of years ago, I wrote about my first experience at DCM. Last year around this time, I wrote about my first experience performing in DCM. This year I’m back in it after a couple of acts I submitted with were among the 500-something acts picked out of 2,100-something submissions.

#DCM17The Del Close Marathon is back again and I’m more excited than ever to perform in it! It is a great relief that I am able to be a performer this year. Leading up to the acceptance announcements, I was full of anxiety with the idea that after I moved to New York, I might not get in. As it turns out, I have two very exciting highlights coming up this weekend.

Saturday night at 9:00, Big Gulp is performing in a half-hour time slot at UCB East Village. This is very special to me because Big Gulp was my long time team in Boston and I loved what we had become as a group. Last year, we were in one of the side venues (which I guess is an unofficial term to describe one of the 7 theaters that aren’t UCB Chelsea and UCB East Village) and had only a 15-minute slot. That was exciting as a first time DCM performer and what I had expected us to get again this year. When the schedules came out, we were all in disbelief and full of excitement. Thirty-minutes in one of the main two venues and between two amazing acts (AIRWOLF: Let’s Go Back To Your Place and Ernie Barnes)! My heart still races when I think about it.

Then, 11.5 hours later (at, um, 8:30 Sunday morning), also at UCB East Village, I’m in my first ever Del Close Marathon bit show. These are 10-15 minute long “joke-y” shows that fill up the too-early-for-real-improv time slots. The bit show I’m a part of is called Improvised West Wing where I will pretend to have seen the West Wing for 15 minutes.

In addition to those two shows, I plan on seeing as much improv as I can while sleeping as little as I can. If you’re in the NYC area this weekend, check out some shows. I think it’s $35 for as many shows as you want with wristbands at all the venues.

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Dumb pun get’s dumb drawing

It’s been almost three years since I’ve posted a new drawing. I doubt anyone has noticed but I’ve recently decided to start making them again, nonetheless. Here’s the first one since I broke my arm playing dodgeball:

The second least useful apple watch.

The second least useful apple watch.

More to come…probably more clever…probably.

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My Ballpark Rankings

Fenway ParkI realized the other day, while thinking about where Yankee Stadium ranks among all the ballparks I’ve been to, that I’ve never published such a list. I don’t really write about it much, but suffice to say, I love traveling to baseball stadiums. I should probably write more about it.

So, anyways: My ranking of all the ballparks I’ve been to so far!

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Yankee Stadium

Yankee StadiumI visited (New) Yankee Stadium for the second time on Sunday night.* Disappointingly, much like the first time I went there, I was pretty unimpressed.

I really wish this ballpark had more history going for it. Considering that Yankee Stadium cost $1.5 billion to build and is owned by the New York Yankees, far and away the winning-est and richest baseball team there has ever been, there is a surprising lack of evidence that would let someone know it. The one thing going for it in this direction is Monument Park:

Monument Park

Monument Park is an outdoor, quasi-museum that honors many past Yankee players and staff along with several Popes, the victims and responders of September 11th, and Nelson Mandela. There are a bunch of plaques and a little garden that people can walk through. It’s a cool piece of history that I don’t believe exists at any other ballpark in this capacity. It’s just too bad that’s all for history.

Aesthetically, the place is pretty boring. As I was walking around the park, a lot of the walls were just plain white. No plaques or decorations. It’s a lot of concrete and these arch things:

2015-04-12 21.12.40

Most of the food around the park seemed to be served in buckets. I saw buckets full of fries with sliders, fries with fried chicken, and fries with fried chicken sliders. There were souvenir batting helmets (pretty bucket-like) filled with nachos, too. I happened to order several non-bucket related items. I had an overcooked sausage, a “New York” pretzel (which was good, but still just a pretzel), and a bag of peanuts. Meanwhile, if I had gotten a hot dog, there were no options for onions or relish.

On the plus side, there didn’t seem to be any bad views of the park. I was in (relatively) cheap seats and could still see the whole field well:

Three photos stitched.

Three photos stitched together.

One last note about the park: The sound system was unbearable. The music was crazy loud, as if the fans aren’t capable of being excited unless their eardrums are being constantly pounded. There were so many sound effects, it was bordering on a cartoonish level. Every time there was a run scored by the Yankees or the Yankees struck someone out, another sound effect would start-up. Why does that need to happen? Shouldn’t cheering be enough?

So, all-in-all, near the bottom of my list of ballparks. Which is fitting since I despise the team but still, I was expecting more.

*I got to see my hometown team and arch rivals of the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, lose horribly. Though I don’t believe that tainted my experience.

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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry, the latest sketch by Horseshoe & Hand Grenade Productions, is out now!

A sketch about a loser and his smart-ass brother, mom, and love interest.

Starring: Matt Aromando, Chris Griffin, Kirsten Ecker, and Lauren Berstein
Written by: Chris Griffin
Edited by: Laura Miner
Directed by: Matt Aromando

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